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It is amazing the amount of times Richard gets asked "When is the league coming back?"

As the Covid-19 situation continues we could blunder our way through trying to get the league working with all the restrictions laid out before us but we would lose the core reason for the league -  Friends getting together to enjoy a night out. There are no venues who would risk having 36-48 people in the same room with limited ventilation and even some of our members would draw the line on attending matches at the moment. Most of our venues are only allowing members in at the moment so even the staggered rules that have been laid down would be unworkable.

As I type this there are talks of limited lockdowns even going on into January so it would be foolish to even think of a proposed date or plan at this time. We have ideas of how we will handle the league when we are able to resume and we will make it clear once the all clear is given.

I am sure we all miss our weekly battles and seeing all our friends from across the leagues. They will return!.....just not yet.

From our Chairman

Dear all,

Many thanks for all your patience with us. We are still monitoring government guidance closely and regrettably have to say that it is still not currently possible to start the league.

Clubs are slowly re opening with sensible precautions in place including social distancing and table cleaning. These measures render it impractical to start up again just yet but we live in hope.

The Glastonbury is open and Joe is welcoming any league members who want to practice, booking essential. I have been down several times and can confirm I am still rubbish, although I did beat Paul Pickett!

We are looking at alternatives. It is currently still our intention to finish 2019/20 season before we do anything else. As previously stated this should take three weeks.

Thanks to all Captains getting back to Richard promptly I am delighted to say that whenever we start up it will be with the same number of teams. Thank you all for this incredible show of support.

One option we are looking at is a “half season” potentially starting in the new year. This would involve teams only playing each other once. Clearly we will be led by the guidance at the time but I wanted to keep you all abreast of what we are thinking on your committee.

Last resort will obviously be cancelling 2020/21 season but we hope to avoid this. I promise to keep you all updated.

In the meantime please can you all start to get trophies returned to the Glastonbury and we can start to get them engraved. Mementos for 19/20 were purchased prior to lockdown.

Please be reassured that your safety remains our top priority and we will only restart when Government guidance states it is safe to do so.

Please keep me or other committee members posted in relation to individual clubs and when or how they are re-opening as we don’t always hear.

Many thanks to all.


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